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The words below best describe how I felt and I am very thankful for a way to express my feelings even at my lowest times what begins as sadness can be looked at through different eyes and speak of a Promise of better times to come
A Day, Moment, Second each holds its own lesson

Transformed By God


Do you sometimes feel that you are wrapped up in lives worries so

tight you can not move


Like a cocoon wraps a beautiful butterfly waiting to be reborn from its

former self


While it hangs there waiting it is blown by the wind battered by the rain

Back and forth hoping to hang on


That is what God wants for you to a transform for you with a renewed spirit,

 soul and hope


All that you have done or once where is forgiven by his loving grace,

forgiveness and unconditional love


You are now a new person like that butterfly full of  beauty able to fly free from the past into a beautiful future


The old has fallen away and been shed as he shed his blood for you to have this moment of rebirth as his daughter


Now let your heart and spirit be free of the worlds grip of what if and know

you are perfect in his eyes


The transformation is complete you have rested in the cocoon of Gods love

and your life is now dedicated to him


Everyday a new adventure of what is possible in the days to come and what

he will do in your life


Awake everyday and praise him for this for you have been reborn --- Amen

Hope is a Blessing- Faith is Endless- Love is Kind
Peace comes for within!!



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